Bittersuess pictures


Bittersuess pictures is a Berlin-based company founded by film producer Pepe Danquart, Susa Kusche, Andrea Roman-Perse and Uwe Spiller in 2008. The business of the company focuses on the development and production of German and international movies and documentaries.

The first project SHAHADA was directed by Burhan Qurbani and was selected for the official programm of the Berlin International Film Festival 2010. SHAHADA was awarded with the Guild Award (Best Picture) of German Art House Cinemas. At the Festival of German Films 2010 SHAHADA received the Special Award for “most inventive theme” and “most inventive form of representation.” The film also won the Hessian Film Award for “Best Picture 2010”. Furthermore the Film Review Board rewarded SHAHADA with the title “highly recommended”.

In 2013 bittersuess pictures adaped the novel RUN BOY RUN by best-selling author Uri Orlev for the screen. The German-French co-production, based w on a script written by Heinrich Hadding (POPE JOAN), was directed by Pepe Danquart. RUN BOY RUN ran in the official competition of the Rome International Film Festival (section: Alice nella Citta) and received the Audience Award at the Festival of East European Cinema Cottbus 2013. RUN BOY RUN was also rewarded with the title “highly recommended” by the Film Review Board, was preselected for the German Film Award 2014 and got three nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Set Design and Best Make-Up. RUN BOY RUN was invited to numerous Jewish Film Festivals around the world (amongst others New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Jerusalem), got the Audience Award for „Best Drama“ at the L.A. Jewish Film Festival and at the Boston Jewish Film Festival 2014.

Further projects in development: DIE JURISTISCHE UNSCHÄRFE EINER EHE by author Olga Grjasnowa, adapted for screen and to be directed by Florian Gottschick and the novel ROHSTOFF by best-selling author Jörg Fauser, directed by Pepe Danquart based on a script written by Stefan Weigl (ZEIT DER KANIBALEN).